Webinar: Addressing Labor Shortages and Decarbonization with FDD

January 16, 2024

As facility teams wrestle with skilled labor shortages, regulatory pressure to decarbonize, and increasingly complex building systems, FDD has become a critical part of the resilient facility team’s tech stack. In this webinar with Facility Executive Magazine, we share ways that building analytics is helping teams adapt to these pressures.

On the labor front, this includes:
– Leveraging building analytics to new train technicians and validate work
– Having a centralized system of record for building and equipment performance, tasks, and institutional knowledge
– Attracting new talent with the cutting-edge building technology

On the decarbonization front, this includes:
– Pinpointing and prioritizing the most energy inefficienct equipment
– Accurate reporting on energy impact and carbon savings
– Continous measurement and verification (M&V)
– Improved building commissioning


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