Top 5 Smart Building Influencers to Follow

June 30, 2016

Over the past few years, smart building initiatives have skyrocketed — becoming an essential discussion for nearly every large organization throughout the U.S. and beyond. Thousands of individuals are paving the way in smart building awareness and education. But which experts stand out as influencers in this expanding ecosystem?


Today, we are kicking off a quarterly series where we’ll be highlighting the experts we follow. These outstanding thought leaders actively advocate and implement best practices, and are an incredible force for advancing our industry.

Our analysis was based on the following criteria:

  • Advanced knowledge in facilities management and connected buildings
  • Usefulness and reliability of thought leadership
  • Level of engagement within the community
  • Accolades, authorship, awards, and other high achievements

So what experts made our list? Below, you’ll find their names (hyperlinked to their Twitter profiles) and a quick bio of each:


1. Ken Sinclair

Ken is the founder of the popular niche industry publication automatedbuildings.com, an online resource for the rapidly evolving building automation industry. Ken has also authored many industry articles and leads the yearly AHRExpo seminars.


2. Phil Zito

Phil is the founder of the rapidly growing Building Automation Monthly blog. Here, Phil shares his expertise on IoT, BAS, and IT in relation to smarter building management and energy efficiency.


3. Casey Talon

Casey is the Principal Analyst at Navigant Research, a firm dedicated to analyzing the global clean technology market. Casey is passionate about smart building management, energy efficiency, sustainability, and climate change.


4. Eric Stromquist

Eric is the Founder of ControlTrends.org and Co-Founder of the ControlTrends Awards. He is passionate about using social media to share information on HVAC and building automation controls and efficiencies.  

5. Therese Sullivan

Therese is an avid proponent of innovations in building controls and facilities management. She is the contributing editor to automatedbuildings.com and writer for buildingcontext.me, two leading publications in the industry today.

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