KGS Buildings in Support of the DOE Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

May 18, 2016

KGS Buildings is thrilled to announce that we are a supporting partner of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Smart Energy Analytics campaign. Launched at the Better Building Alliance Summit in Washington DC last week, this program aims to promote awareness and educate the industry about Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS), including Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD). It is a resounding testament to the maturation of the industry and to the benefits such systems offer commercial building owners, facility managers, energy managers, and operators.


At KGS Buildings, we’ve long been advocates of the work the DOE is doing, as well as the initiatives that national labs like LBNL, PNNL, NREL, and ORNL are developing to bring building energy technologies into the mainstream. The DOE’s latest campaign is an excellent example of the initiatives we are eager to support and promote.

As a supporting partner of this program, our mission is to help further the message that EMIS and FDD are powerful, proven technologies driving today’s building energy initiatives forward, resulting in highly successful and measurable benefits. We also hope to give the industry at large a better understanding of the solutions available to achieve such energy efficiency goals, including, of course, our own: Clockworks. Over the last six years, forward-thinking institutions have been enjoying the benefits of automated fault detection and diagnostics (AFDD) and have shown the rest of the industry that the technology is mature, works, is cost-effective, and saves their institutions energy and money. As a result, AFDD has graduated from the early adoption phase and is poised to enter the mainstream of automated buildings through the work the DOE and other organizations are doing.


With support like this from the DOE, technology providers in this space will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of their smart energy analytics solutions to an even larger audience. A catalyst for mainstream adoption will be The Smart Energy Analytics campaign’s focus on sharing real-world examples from early adopters to publicize successful applications of building energy analytics. This way, other building operations teams looking to adopt a smarter approach to building energy analytics can learn about the implementation and benefits of these technologies.

 To join KGS and many other supporting partners in helping to move EMIS into the mainstream, visit the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign website.

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