AZ APPA Presentation: Fault Detection and Diagnostics at the University of Arizona

June 25, 2021

We recently had the pleasure of presenting with Michael Hoffman, Energy Manager for the University of Arizona, at AZ APPA’s 2021 Virtual Conference. In this presentation, “Fault Detection and Diagnostics in Higher Education: A Force Multiplier for Your Facilities Team,” Alex Grace, VP of Business Development for Clockworks Analytics, and Michael do the following:

  • Define Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD)
  • Show live examples of FDD on campus from the University of Arizona (get a peek under the hood of Clockworks’ Building Analytics Platform)
  • Illustrate how FDD can serve as a force multiplier for higher education facility teams and help you qualify and quantify the value of taking action on diagnosed issues.
  • Show examples of how Michael uses FDD to aid new building construction, continuous commissioning, retrofit, and warranty management.

“Basically, we use Clockworks for every new construction or retrofit building that we do on campus where we have a digital control system. We see the value of this force multiplier—a system that’s constantly watching our systems, pulling the data, analyzing it, and then laying it out on a set table and saying, ‘Here’s the priorities. Here’s what we’re finding. Here’s why we’re saying it’s a problem. Here’s where we think the problem is.’ And by the way, now that you’ve told us what utilities cost you, here’s how much it’s costing. So that’s a huge value. That’s the value of an energy analyst and a senior controls technician working like 24 hours a day.”

– Michael Hoffman, Energy Manager, University of AZ

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