Pharmacy Compliance Dashboard for Healthcare Facilities

February 29, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of a new Pharmacy Compliance Dashboard, specifically designed to address the unique needs of pharmacy operations within healthcare facilities.  With a focus on compliance to the temperature, relative humidity, pressurization, and air change requirements specified in the USP 795/797/800 standards, this dashboard is set to improve the way healthcare teams manage and maintain safe environmental conditions within critical compounding spaces.

The dashboard is configured to provide a high-level summary of performance metrics and critical space conditions at a glance, while also offering the ability to view and export raw historical data for use during surveys.  Customized views can be created for a specific site or for your entire portfolio, and access can be granted directly to your pharmacy operations staff to improve visibility while showcasing the value your facilities teams provide in minimizing downtime and ensuring patient safety.

Additionally, faults and diagnostics associated with critical equipment serving your pharmacy spaces can be viewed directly from the dashboard, providing a way to proactively identify issues before they impact operations as well as rapidly troubleshoot systems during excursions outside of required ranges.  Specific faults can be summarized by frequency, providing insights into your most common challenges and enhancing your ability to identify and plan for future improvements.

As ensuring compliance and minimizing downtime remain top of mind throughout healthcare systems, leverage Clockworks Analytics to enhance your ability to maintain and operate critical equipment while ensuring your pharmacy teams can deliver the best care for your patients. 

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