2022—A Year in Review [Infographic]

January 4, 2023


Every day our team is focused on achieving massive positive impact in the built environment; positively influencing the planet though energy and carbon reduction; positively influencing our clients through reduced costs, greater sustainability, and technology innovation; and positively influencing the people in our industry through modernization and innovation in their profession. This year, we—our community of clients, users, employees, and supporters—have made a tremendous impact.

Since the start of ‘task’ tracking in late 2016, we have documented 36,257 completed tasks by active clients with around $36 million in energy cost savings. We have accumulated nearly 270,000 tonnes of annual carbon savings associated with completed tasks, an amount to offset the carbon emissions of roughly 16,875 Americans per year. We now have over 2,700 buildings connected, over 370,000 equipment connected, and clients in over 30 countries. We will achieve one of our original BHAGs to connect 400,000 equipment in 2023. In December, we identified approximately $200,000 in avoidable energy costs per day.  This is the dream of Clockworks coming into reality—continuously identifying high value opportunities to make a positive impact across thousands of buildings by empowering facilities teams.

Thank you to everyone who works with us, shares this dream, and makes it a reality!

Nick Gayeski
CEO, Clockworks Analytics

2022 Wrapped — Infographic

Clockworks 2022 Wrapped - Infographic
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