Automated FDD on over 140,000 equipment – how we got here

June 5, 2018

Ten years ago, KGS was born out of the desire to make a big impact on the built environment. The founders believed that more data-driven decision making in the management, operations, and maintenance of buildings was sorely needed for so many reasons. We were weary of hearing about owners and occupants reeling from the latest system failure or comfort issue, designers puzzling why their buildings and HVAC systems didn’t deliver on the performance they modeled, and investors and utilities not realizing the paybacks promised by large-scale energy efficiency projects.

The need to measure and effectively manage the actual performance of buildings and building systems, and provide scalable intelligence that could automatically interpret system behavior and inform high performance operations and maintenance, never seemed more obvious to bridge the gap between desired comfort, design intent, expected performance and actual building operations.

At KGS, we seek to maximize our impact on the built environment by applying automated analytics to inform facility operations, maintenance, and management. Our clients are our partners in our mission, and us in theirs. We empower them to run better, smarter buildings through automated analytics. We share our clients’ goals to reduce building energy and cost, to reduce carbon emissions, to reduce labor and materials of maintenance by shifting to more planned and condition based maintenance, and to deliver more comfortable spaces and a better experience to occupants and owners. We share their vision to provide facilities professionals a bridge to the future of facility management in which connected buildings, with deep knowledge about system operations, is available at their fingertips through advanced analytics. And, we know it can only be done while supporting the long-term profitability and mission of our clients’ organizations.


We have come a long way since connecting the first building – a 450,000 square foot university laboratory at MIT – to Clockworks in 2010. Today, KGS has connected over 200 million square feet of real estate and over 140,000 pieces of equipment in 20 different countries. We have run analytics on all manner of systems: from the standard VAV systems common throughout the US; to predominantly hydronic systems in parts of Europe; to complex plants with geothermal systems, co-generation systems, process water systems and so much more. We have helped a large life sciences client achieve $1.4 million in savings per year, a large university achieve over $1 million in savings per year, and helped another large client transition their operations to condition based maintenance with over 20% of their work orders being driven by analytics.

Our friends and collaborators – our clients – are transforming the facilities industry through their efforts to better their own organizations, processes and results. Together, we are ushering in a time in which connected buildings and automated building intelligence provide a better future for facilities, facilities professionals, owners, occupants, and all of society. If you share our passion and want to help create a better, smarter future for buildings, we want to work with you, by you, and for you. Reach out to us and we’d love to talk!

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